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About Me


Pleased to meet you!

Hi, my name is Anthony McAvaney. You see me here pictured recently with my wife Catherine; we were at a family wedding.

We live in Australia.

I own and maintain this website.

I’d like to tell you briefly a little bit about myself.



I have diversified life and career interests.

I have been fortunate in my career to operate in a variety of industry settings working for many years as a corporate training and development specialist

The areas where I have worked included:

• banking
• tourism and hospitality
• retail and wholesale trade
• manufacturing
• local government
• information technology

For the last 20 years I have worked both as an outplacement consultant for people whose positions have been made redundant, and as a career counsellor in an Australian University. I also do private career and job search coaching work for individual clients.

My other interests include property investing.  Apart from investing myself, I’m actively involved in mentoring those who are interested in creating wealth by developing and maintaining a portfolio of residential properties.

At various times in my career I have conducted several of my own businesses, and with varying degrees of success. I do understand the highs and lows of being self employed……. have tried and failed, tried and failed again, and tried again………..

I have certainly learned many valuable lessons and acquired many useful skills which I am now applying to the development of my digital affiliate marketing business.

All the research that I have conducted into what work will be like in future, confirms what I truly believe. That we are experiencing a powerful wave of change which, because of technology, is transforming the way you and I, and people generally, obtain information and advice, and buy products and services.

The internet has forever changed the way traditional business will operate in the future. And it is also changing lives, jobs and traditional careers.

A world of opportunity!

As a result of this rapidly accelerating rate of global change, there are extraordinary opportunities for the likes of you and me, and our families in the Digital Economy.

But it means learning a whole new way of marketing to our customers, and for doing business with them.

Having said that, I also realise that working in the new Digital Economy isn’t for everyone.

If you have read this much of my story you will possibly already know enough to conclude that there’s an opportunity too for you learn how to be a digital marketing entrepreneur.

As I mentioned on the Home page of this site, my passion and my goal on this website is to provide as much guidance, support, information and assistance to people who are prepared to do the work necessary to achieve an empowered and enhanced lifestyle.

* Results vary and we cannot guarantee any results – click the Disclaimer link at the bottom of the page for further information.

I’ve reached the retirement age, which in Australia is 65.

My original plan way back when was to be retired by the time I was 50. I obviously missed that goal by a long way!

At the end of 2016 I had the option of continuing to work in my usual job. However having experienced first hand the quality of the continuous education, coaching and mentoring I was receiving from SFM I decided that I could fully focus on my online business.

I’m the eldest of 9 children, I am married, have four adult children and ten grandchildren. My wife Catherine is the eldest of 5 children.

With both of us coming from large families, family life remains a pretty big factor in our lives. There’s always a birthday, anniversary, christening, school concert, sports day or whatever on our calendar to attend.

It seems to me that even from a young age I have been involved in some way with coaching, teaching, encouraging others.

This ultimately translated into my professional life. There, the focus of my work, as a corporate trainer, was in teaching/coaching/helping people from all walks of life to acquire and/or develop a range of life and business skills, and making various resources available to them so that they had the opportunity and the means to realise their potential.

Later in my career I gained formal qualifications as a personal counsellor, and post graduate qualifications in career development and began to specialise in career and job search coaching.

In the meantime, my focus in this autumn stage of my life and career, is on maintaining good health, and securing a comfortable financial future for myself and my wife.

And, I’m so excited about the opportunities that exist for me right now to achieve this. I’m doing this by leveraging the power of the internet and using leading edge, proven digital marketing techniques.

Let me put this suggestion to you……if someone like me can, at this stage of my life, acquire and put into practice the skills and knowledge needed embark on a whole new career and develop a new business, well…….really, anyone can do the same thing.

And that includes you!!*

(*We cannot guarantee any results – Click the Disclaimer link at the bottom of this page for further information)

Personal Mission and Values

My personal mission is to enjoy, with my wife and family, a healthy, wealthy and empowered lifestyle. I will leave a legacy for my dependants that will include supporting their financial security, and I will show by example what can be achieved when we have the courage to have big dreams, and the preparedness to work hard to make those dreams a reality.

My vision is that I will inspire many others to have the courage to dream big dreams and to chase those dreams. Also, that I will actively assist, coach and mentor others as they work towards achieving those dreams so that, in fact, their dreams also become reality. This is where my life satisfaction is…… helping other people.

Among my most important values:

  • To live a life of service – I am at my best when I am helping others to realise their potential.
  • Empowering self – I am at my best when I choose to control those things in my life which I have the power to control. This includes my daily attitude, my behaviour and how I choose to spend my time.
  • Being responsible and authentic – I am at my best when I do what I say I am going to do. I keep it real.
  • Gratitude – I am at my best when I acknowledge and be grateful for my life and for people I share it with.
  • Patience and Forgiveness – I am at my best when I acknowledge that I’m not perfect (good heavens – no where near it!!!). I realise and accept that other people too are not perfect!  I forgive myself for my faults, and others too for their faults, and acknowledge that most of the time, most of us are simply trying to do our best. - Cameron Avenue, Kingston Park S.A. 5049
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