Your SFM business platform


The SFM business platform

Here I want to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes to the back office business platform.

There are two video clips for you to take a look at.

When you have looked at the videos you will see how the SFM business platform can help you to learn how to build, manage and market literally any type of internet related business.

In this video I’m giving you a tour showing some of the main features of the SFM back office with particular emphasis on how training is provided when you become a member.

The back office and all the training has been designed so that it is accessible from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer and internet connection.

Some of the features I’ll show you in the video include:

  • How the training is organised as a step by step process – literally you learn the methods that Stuart, Jay, and many other SFM members have used to develop their various income streams*
  • An overview of how you will get started with SFM
  • How you can manage your online business from the back office, details of invoicing, commissions payable etc
  • The advanced training available to you at Elite level of membership

When you join as a Student Member and your member account has been created you will have access to many of the sections of The Back Office.

(*We cannot guarantee any results – Click the Disclaimer link at the bottom of this page for further information)


In the video below I show you more of The Back Office – this time in the Digital Business Lounge (DBL).

This area is, in many respects the engine room of your online business. As such the Digital Business Lounge does the following things for you:

  • Enables you to purchase a domain name for your website, which is hosted by DBL
  • Instructs you how to link an email address to your website
  • Shows you how to set up your autoresponder which you will need when you are marketing to your list of subscribers
  • Provides you with a number of choices for a suitable theme for your WordPress website – these are all free to full SFM members
  • Step by step training in how to set up and use your WordPress website
  • Access to tools such as Graphix Creator which are free for you to use. As a bonus however you can promote sales of this software on your website and receive a commission on those sales
  • Stores your important images and videos which you are using on your website
  • Full use of the Simple Lead Capture tool – create stunning landing pages and thank you pages which are proven to generate traffic
  • Full use of SimpleTrakk – this is lead tracking software which assists you to evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing on your  website

Members of the public can actually buy a subscription to use the Simple Trakk tool in the Digital Business Lounge. It will cost them $65 per month. And again, you will earn a commission on any sales you make of this product.

As an Essential Member of SFM (your application fee is only $295) this includes complete access to everything in the Digital Business Lounge.

Take a closer look at what’s available.


From this small glimpse of the inner workings of SFM you can see that there is all the behind the scenes support, tools and coaching that you might need as you learn how to build and maintain a successful online business.*

(*We cannot guarantee any results – Click the Disclaimer link at the bottom of this page for further information) - Cameron Avenue, Kingston Park S.A. 5049
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