SFM’s business building tools

If you’re going to become a specialist in running your own online business you’re going to need a range of relevant tools to get the job done.

A major benefit of being an SFM member is that you do have access to a comprehensive suite of business building tools to ensure that you get your business up and running in the shortest possible time.

These tools are in an area called the Back Office of SFM – in the Digital Business Lounge or DBL for short.

See the adjacent screen shot for a quick glimpse about the tools available for you to work with……

The Digital Business Lounge

Click on the image for a much larger, clearer view of what is available.

This is a glimpse of my member page in the Digital Business Lounge.


DBL screen

SFM – continually updating the tools and technologies

As you can see, there is an extensive array of tools that you will be using – and SFM is committed to ensuring that the tools for use by members are at the leading edge of internet marketing practices.

Importantly, these are exactly the types of tools that Stuart and Jay used in creating their own successful internet businesses.*

You will also note, that SFM members use the WordPress platform to build their websites. However, if you already have your own domain you can use that too to build your business.

SFM is also very conscious that technology is continuing to advance all the time. The team supporting you works to ensure that SFM technologies remain at the cutting edge.

For example, the WordPress themes that SFM make available to you use responsive design templates.

If you are not technically or website savvy just yet, this means that your webpages automatically re-size to match the device you are using to view the website.

Try it out for yourself. If you are viewing this on a PC, or Mac, minimise the window you are viewing this page on, and you will find that you can still easily read this information and navigate your way around this website.

(*We cannot guarantee any results – Click the Disclaimer link at the bottom of this page for further information)

Using the SFM technology – coaching and support is outstanding!

If you aren’t particularly up to date technologically speaking, and don’t have the foggiest idea about how to build a website please be re-assured. No experience is required to get started.

The training that is available to you from SFM, and more broadly the support that comes to you from the community will have you up and running in no time.

Let me give you an example.

I had never used a lead capture page until recently and was having a lot of trouble linking this to my automated email reply system (which I was also learning how to use).

I had spent maybe 6 or 7 hours trying to figure it out. Finally, I linked up with some members in the SFM Down Under community. A co-member kindly contacted me and together we worked through my problem. It took all of 10 minutes to solve.

That is just one example of the great support that community members provide for each other.

We truly are a community of like minded people…….all travelling along a similar path, using SFM affiliate marketing techniques as our vehicle to make our dreams come true!

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