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What training is provided by SFM?

attraction-marketingSFM provides world class online coaching and mentoring to assist people to learn cutting edge online marketing techniques.

Members join the community typically for these reasons:

  1. They want to learn about various online and affiliate marketing techniques as a way to create more income for themselves, or…
  2. They wish to learn and be able to apply SFM’s online marketing, digital business techniques and digital business systems to expand their business, or…..
  3. If they are in a traditional bricks and mortar business they want to learn how to take advantage of internet and digital technology in their business, and as a result free up the need to be physically present in operating their business

The training provided by SFM is extensive, and comprehensive. And……it is also diverse.

Let me explain just a few things that you will probably want to know about your training.

Your training is carefully sequenced so that you learn step by step. If you already have some experience in this area, you can jump ahead to learning content that is more relevant to your needs.

A considerable amount of the training you can complete is related to understanding success principles, and having a success ‘mindset’.  Consider successful, high achieving people you might know about – whether this be in business, sport or any other area of life. People who are high achievers in life haven’t achieved their results by accident.

Achievers develop and nurture the belief that their goals and dreams are attainable, and then do the work to make that a reality.*

Stuart and Jay, and other coaches and leaders in the community have developed that kind of mindset, and commitment to action.

So, your training within the SFM community will not only help you to develop the skills and knowledge associated with online digital marketing, it will also help to enhance your ability to manage your attitude and mindset.

(*We cannot guarantee any results – Click the Disclaimer link at the bottom of this page for further information)

Is my SFM training compulsory?

Virtually all your training is by personal opt in, with the exception of a couple of compulsory ‘new member orientation’ seminars when you first join the community.

There is however a strongly recommended training pathway. This consists of 5 comprehensive modules of step by step training. which  includes:

  • An introduction to advertising and marketing online and SFM’s philosophy of always providing value to the customer
  • Preparing your business plan

The purpose of this structured pathway is that you are encouraged to follow exactly the same learning path that other, successful community members have followed*.(*We cannot guarantee any results – Click the Disclaimer link at the bottom of this page for further information)

Yes……there are building blocks to become an effective internet entrepreneur. You’ll discover that this is very much a step by step process.

In my opinion, it would be foolish to simply follow your own training pathway. By making use of the the coaching and mentoring available from SFM you minimise the likelihood of making time consuming, and possibly expensive mistakes while you are learning.

How is your training delivered?

Your training is provided in a variety of ways including:

  • Live webinars
  • Access through the back office to recordings and replays of previous webinars
  • Instructional videos and text based help pages
  • Self paced modules of training developed by world leading specialist learning company Grovo
  • Traditional forms of training and education such as reading suggested texts and publications
  • Attendance at live and online seminars and workshops

See below for a more comprehensive outline of the training SFM provides.

Success-trainingYour training – an overview

Click on the image for a larger view.

When you have signed up to be an SFM member, and depending on your level of membership, you will given access to a series of structured training modules.

You can see here a list of the various “getting started” modules.

Live Events

For example

  • Live webinar events, often featuring either or both Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek
    • Marketing techniques
    • Advertising on Facebook, YouTube etc
    • Lead capture and sales funnels
    • Using autoresponder campaigns
    • How to create value for your website visitors
    • Other live webinar events where you active audience participation, questions and answers is encouraged.

Grovo training – from beginner to advanced!


You will of course realise that not all members of the SFM community will have the same level of entry knowledge and competency with online marketing.

Therefore the training curriculum is designed to cater for people at all levels of knowledge and skill – from beginner, to advanced.

SFM has partnered with an organisation called Grovo to deliver some of the training for members. Grovo is an organisation which specialises in the design of online training delivery systems.

SFM of course provides all the knowledge and expertise related to online and affiliate marketing.

There are some really cool things about the Grovo system for delivering training content:

  • Topics are broken down into very small steps. For example, if it took say an hour to explain some aspect of Facebook marketing, Grovo will then create say 30 short, step by step instructional videos to help you learn.
  • This means you don’t have to complete a topic all in one sitting.
  • The Grovo system also makes it very easy to see what lessons you have completed, and where to get started again on a particular topic.
  • Also you can choose to be learning several topics at the same time – therefore there’s no need to finish a topic before moving on to the next

Below I have included some screen shots from my own training area to give you an idea about some of the topics covered, and the short duration of the lessons.  Most lessons take only a minute or so to complete.

Click on the images below for a closer look.

Screen shot No 1.

This is a snapshot of just a few of the topics where you can complete short, intensive training sessions.

Screen shot No 2.

The diversity of training means all levels of knowledge and experience are being catered for.

This is just a small sample of the available courses to help you to develop mastery of the art of internet marketing*. (*We cannot guarantee any results – Click the Disclaimer link at the bottom of this page for further information)


Screen Shot No 3.

As you can see here, the individual training modules are of very short duration.

This means you don’t have to sit through a long video just to find the relevant piece of information.

You’ll find that this is a very user friendly approach for accessing your training.

SFM Training – Summary

As you can see just from the few examples on this page SFM is a community which is truly dedicated to educating and training its members.

The training available is extensive and comprehensive and designed to be relevant to all levels of competency in internet marketing.

It’s all included in your membership of SFM.

With the extent and diversity of training available, there is every reason why it is possible for virtually anyone to acquire the skills associated with online and affiliate marketing*.

(*We cannot guarantee any results – Click the Disclaimer link at the bottom of this page for further information)

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